Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

Answers Part One

my smart ass answers in bold :)

-sex in my high school's parking lot ya but was class in session?
-Had sex in a Victoria Secrets Dressing room was she wearing wings?
-Ive used a jumbo candy cane as a double headed with my ex-girlfriend
-watersports.... ok so its something i'm curious about, and have had an accidental experience with... i just want to know if the excitement of the first time would be there if she did it on purpose...
-Strip poker with a casual acquaintance you do that all the time in my journal ;-)
-sex on the kitchen table - done it.
-I want to have sex in a graveyard on one of those marble benches with a stunningly gorgeous woman.
-Last thing was a girl gave me head while I was watching Transformers: The Movie. Arcee was hot :D
-i wana get a sex swing. i want to do it in the train bathroom again. i'd like to do it on the train in plain view.
-i eithe make him treat me like a little girl, and I call him daddy, or I make him dress up in a bra and panties but never both at the same time right?
-Hmm..... Probably the best was with me and 4 other women. Me on them, them on me, them on them...lots of repositioning ya not buying it... sorry
-cunnilingually tap out the alphabet with yesterdays Strip LJ Lady pffftttt get in line
-Want hard, rough, totally out of control banged up, bruised up, where the hell is that blood coming from sex with one particular LJer please let that be me ;-)
-BONDAGE, and lots of it..... don't forget to spank me please.
-Sex on the wang show tonight
-I just want to have sex, period
-Kinky? I dunno if it's kinky, but I'd really like to go somewhere very crowded, very public... have my skirt lifted up in the back, having one hand under my shirt on my breasts and the other on my hip, while being fucked senselessly & noone notices... your are the reason hairy palms exist ;-)
-Shaved my manly-bits....
-hail a cab, the taxi driver is steve tyler, and ride him in the front seat see that's a fantasy.. and not very kinky at all
-I'd like to have sex with a pair of 18 year old twin sisters Siamese twins right?
-Eat clam chowder out of a crack whore's anal cavity it makes the chowder kinda nutty tasting actually
-a guy friend, a girl friend and I were coming home from a bar. The guy reached back and fingered me until I almost came while the girl was in the front seat clueless. Staying quiet was hard, yet VERY thrilling. The night ended in a threesome. *nods*
-I'd like to get a lil drunk, a lot high and try some double penetration...and while I'm gettin that in both places practice some deep throat skills. yum yum MOM!!! I told you never to comment in my journal!!! *storms off*
-I love being choked during sex (not to the point of not breathing) but ya know ;)
'-no dead people, no kids, no animals, no vomit, no blood, no shit, and i'll piss if you want, but i don't get off on it. anything else goes." that is my sex rule. please tell me you don't make them sign a waver with that on it ;-)
-I've always wanted to have a hot woman naked, blindfolded and tied to a bed ... so I can tease her endlessly ... but then just a hot naked woman would be quite nice ...
-make a bj vid with another guy for my sweets
-Two chicks at the same time.
-Fisting. Mm. So yummy.
-That girl yesterday? I want her to strap one on and take me. I'm a guy.
-I gave head on a public bus.
-I want to do the classic moneyshot - cum all over a girl's face - most women aren't into it, though
-I wanna have a 3-some with 2 Transvestites! whoa.. there's kink for you
-Maybe not kinky, but I wanna do the ol' "Sex on the play structure after dark" now that it's warm again. Woohoo!
-Watch two gay men go at it. Watch an orgy of girls and guys, for that matter.
-I've had sex in a cemetery, in front of a headstone mark 'LOVE'.
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