Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

Part 2

-I once had sex in the middle of a tennis court at night. It was lit. And in the middle of a subdivision. She was quite vocal, too. ya but did she yell like John MacEnroe?
-I must vote again. I want to fuck a girl with a grape popsicle and suck out all the melted juices.
-I havn't really DONE anything truly kinky [sob] But I've always wanted to have sex with conjoined twins. Orgasms in perfect stereo? Rock on!
- masturbating at letting my boyfriend suck my fingers
- Last time me and my boy had sex he used his long wallet chain as reins while he did me doggystyle... and I love keeping my maryjanes on.. that's HOT.
- i have and want to have more office sex.
- Cunt punching, choking, flogging, clothespins & hot wax, *sigh* I love Fridays MOM!! I told you once, don't make me do it again
- I want to have sex with a tripper in the back of a strip club...well there's lots of drunk people there and they are prone to that ;-)
- I wanna do two men at one time but for some reason, men don't wanna go for it. *pout* cuz your talking to the wrong men
- i've always always wanted to be with two men at once... the thought of being pushed forward onto a huge dick while being fucked like crazy from behind. DAMN - makes me need a cold shower.
- me w/ 2 guys; 1 fucking my ass while the other shoves his tongue in & out of my pussy; then they switch-cock in my pussy, tongue in ass...i cum...they cum...s'all good
- Double penetration! Haven't done it, but wanna. holy shit are we detecting a them here or what?? men, your women want more than one cock
- I wanna threesome with mspish and jennfromtx ya get in line
- I want a girl to fuck me with a strap on...mmm
- I have always wanted to do a gender role reversal evening with a woman. Cross dressing, her being a mysoginist, and her screwing me to end it.
- left work one morning to go fuck a guy I'd never met, while his gf was at work (he had a HUGE cock) well of course, who would leave work for a small cock?? I mean really ;-)
- Have done: Sex in the balcony of a theater throughout the second act of a play. No one hope
- Threesome f-f-m
- Christen the hood, backseat, passenger seat, and roof of an LJLady's new car with her, a case of Gatorade, and plenty of toys. And then hit the beach while controlling a remote-control butterfly toy and see what happens.
- I've shared a flight attendant with another guy, swapped spit with a honey while balls deep in her best friend, tied and been tied, fucked on camera, and on a diving platform. Finally, I cherish road head . Kinky though, I can't think of anything..
- i wanna sex up a chick while taking the whitehouse tour. :)
- I seduced the UPS delivery guy in my building by putting on robe and then typing it loosely so it was open when I went outside my apartment. He was delivering for one of the neighbors and I told him that I was expecting a package. :) Naturally, I invited where's that !@*(%&!#@$*%& UPS application
-I learned about oral sex from two Bi ladies/girls (one 18, one 17)
- I don't consider anything I've done REALLY kinky, but a lot of people would. I can't tnink of anything I still want to do that I haven't. Boring Answer! :P ok so then you need to email me with some of the stuff you HAVE done
- Sex in the stairwell of the music building where I went to school. Acoustically perfect sex. What can I say besides that? Staircase was a bit cold...
- I've had a vibrator used on my ass while getting head from a girl
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