Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

Part 3

Last update before I split.. k answering i'll post the rest monday!!!

- Umm... Tagged one co-worker in a stranger's yard at 3am while another co-worker licked my balls... Both of them were engaged, neither to me :x nope not buying that one either :P
- Had a threesome with two gorgeous girls...all the colors were there...redhead, brunette, and blonde. MMMMMMMMMMM jesus...what I would give just to have seen that.... oi
- I'm dying for the whole double-penetration thing. Most guys just won't go for it. again... you are running in the wrong crowd then ;-)
- foursome.
- the idea of dp turns me on too, even though I've never had anal sex. go figure you should probably try that first huh ;-)
- i wouldn't mind another ffm or another fffm ... but the pressure of performing in such situations is intense...
- I had sex in a professor's office on his desk when I was in university with another woman...My TA, while she was supossed to be tutoring me.
- Everything kinky I have wanted to do, I have done it. =) What about you? actually... the same for me... my life has been umm interesting so far ;-)
- i wanna have a gangbang with the school's mens' rugby team.
- i like to fuck a friend of mine in the ass with my strap on while calling him a dirty little whore.
- My defination of kinky is anything I haven't done. Yet. But if I haven't done it, it's likely I don't really want to do it all that bad, so this is a trick question ok than tell me something you really like to do sexually then :P
-I've been in many 2M/1F threesomes, but never done DP.. would like to. look at the list s
on.. lots of canidates apparently ;-)

-decided to post again, had sex with a friends sister while she (the friend) was asleep on the couch next to us.
-I had sex with somone in the stairwell of the main hotel we were in during the day at Dragon*Con cons = sex
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