Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

OK well I might have over reacted....

You may remember a little while back I undertook a top priority mission to remove a little visitor from our new house.....

So Friday night we're following our regular schedule, I pick up Jen from the train station and we head home. Walk through the door to the usual three dog welcome wagon, Lucy with her ears back ass wagging, Goldie sitting there looking some what stunned as she is prone to be and Molly doing her very best to launch herself into low level orbit. So I begin to walk to the kitchen to dump off the groceries and I pass what I believe to be a carpet truffle (something I named those rogue little nuggets dogs leave you to let you know 10 hours alone is too long), Jen also sees it and decides to clean it up first, or at least attempt to. Before she can get to it Molly has scooped up aforementioned carpet truffle and is walking around with it in her mouth. Jen, with her truly gentle nature, tries to coax our little turd burglar into dropping it with a "Ewww Molly that's fucking groooosssssss" and then proceeds to do something similar to the "Little boy that's kissed a girl for the first time" cootie dance.

See now this is all very amusing to me, because me being me, anything that causes my wife to gag is waaaaaaaaay excellent, so I'm smiling away when I hear this noise that all married men know all too well... That scream type thingy a wife does when there is a giant man eating spider that's about to eat her and the whole neighborhood alive or something. So I boot back around the corner to see Jen trying to get Molly away from what I thought was a carpet truffle but I realized the truffle had a tail... and Jen is now doing a modified version of the cootie dance and screaming "it's a mouse, it's a mouse".

So I dispose of the corpse (after I draw a little body outline on the floor for the pending forensic investigation) and we start looking for other evidence. The bottom of the dishwasher has been removed, and low and behold there is a glue trap that has been pulled out from underneath it. The best we can guess is that the mouse got caught in the glue trap, Molly heard it, SOMEHOW figured out how to pry off the bottom of the dishwasher and pull it out. What is amazing to me tho is that she did this without getting the glue trap stuck to her. So anyway, RIP Stewie, you smug little bastard.

In other news, saw Kill Bill Volume 2 over the weekend. Jen thought it was too long and boring (and I've heard other people say the same), but for the record I abso-fucking-loutely LOVED it. I know it's going to be one of those movies I'll watch over and over again. I just really dug everything about it.... Sure there will be discussion of it in the comments so be careful if you don't want it spoiled ;-)

Hey... Bob Woodward on 60 Minutes last night eh? He had some very interesting things to say, maybe these guys should have thought that it might not be the best idea to give him access in an election year.. Of course that would require thought and stuff sooooo..... ;-)
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