Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

More caaaa raaaaa zeeeee sex poll answers

Warning: Reading the following may cause moistness or swelling. I am not responsible for it, or damaged keyboards/mice, eyes being poked out, splinters in places there shouldn't be splinters, blue balls or any other sexually related discomfort!

- while working in retail I had AMAZING sex in the back room with a coworker, in the back room, up against the door to the store, while the store was open. ah, memories.

- wound him up like my toy, to see how many times he could come for me

- I want to whip out my strap-on and fuck my boyfriend silly while his new girlfriend watches.

- 2 chicks at one time

- I want to have a mmff foursome. One girl and I facing each other on hands and knees. Other girl fucking my ass with a strap on, while the other guy fucks the ass of the girl I'm kissing.

- I'd like to try double penetration.

- sex on the highway at 70+ miles per hour with the driver

- How about using several fingers on a woman I'd never met while reaching through her car window standing in a parking lot. Then jacking off on her car door. Her man watched the whole thing yelling "oooh baby look at that big dick."

- I once had sex up against a hotel window that faced the terminal at DFW airport and everyone sitting on a plane or waiting at the terminal saw me getting all kinds of porno freaky with my man.

- Dunno how kinky it is, but I fucked a canteloupe. It's surprising how much it can feel like a decent blowjob :)

- I've had 3 different women call me in one night for phone sex. and ended up actually meeting for sex with 2 of them

- I got tied up and let my boyfriend fuck me with my anniversary bottle of wine from my ex husband. nice eh? yes but did you pop the cork???

- i ate out this really hot black chick while her asian husband looked on. Ok, not so kinky maybe, but not an every day occurrence...

- road my truck down the highway while my girlfriend rode me - didn't think it would work but she made it work

- it involves a blindfold.. some soft restraints.. some nice smelling candles and great music to set the mood...and a whole lot of different textures for the sense of touch.

- I'd like to have another threesome. [or several!]

- Before we were married I nailed my wife over my desk at work. There was a small stain on the floor till the day we moved out of the office. :)

- Break out the strap ons women, I want you to ride me!

- Wait...that was fun but not kinky. How about cybering with a guy who thought I was the girl whose computer I was using who aslo happened to be sucking my cock?

- i was with a girl who was into golden showers...and well...ummm...i diddn't hate it *blush*

- I want to be fucked in the ass from behind while having my hair pulled and my nipples pinched. I want it hard and I want it NOW.

- I want to watch my man have sex with another woman. Bonus if I join in.

- i'd like to try a 3some once, and i know who i'd want the girl to be ;) i did have sex at the beaches once, on the rocks during a thunderstorm.. was pretty good.

- I once tied up and ball-gagged my boss. Stupidly, I didn't think to ask for a raise at the moment.

- I had a threesome with my exboyfriend and his new her parents' bed

- I've already done the DP thing, and it was a total blast so these girls who are wanting to do it are definatly missing out. Something kinky I want to do? a lady turned into a chocolate covered fruit buffet.. and you can guess what the dip is

- drizzling the butt with baby oil, slathering the bodies with it, and then hard-core buttsex. Oooh, yeah... and yes, you can identify, just don't name me.

- Had threesoms with my married GF and her GF and later married my married GF's GF.

- and add me to the list of DP. except, i just want one real dick and one toy. i'm a one-man girl.

- i peed in a chickz butt once. it waz crazy

- Once I made out with a chick while I fingered her to an orgasm around 4 am. Oh, yeah, she was my cousin.

- having clothing cut off of me with large shears

- Lesse, I've mixed oral sex & Pop Rocks, fucked a woman who had a vibrator up her ass...

- decided to post again, had sex with a friends sister while she (the friend) was asleep on the couch next to us.

- I was a stripper. I've had several threesomes. I love sex in semi-public places. Shit. We'll be here all night talking about this. lol and this would be a problem how???

- have sex with that hot mom you had up here a couple days ago

- i had sex with the pastors son in the baptismal pool of his fathers church

ohhhh and too that lady who didn't want her answer published, you are a bad bad girl cuz you knew that I would be ALL over that answer grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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