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Replies to the little box thingy this morning

razzberee -- remember to put something under your ass so that you don't get twigs stuck in it
505247 -- Squish.. squish squish squish
pixiecup -- Applies to UPS
wizbanger -- what's the fucking hold up?
jennfromtx-- you sooooo need to cum to vegas
elysiangirl -- looks for his tool(s)
ehme -- so are you trying to say I suck?
mcbarnes1970 -- well if people sent me some fucking pix.. maybe
horsepucky -- talked to Jen and we're hiring you for that position ;-)
peter50 -- doesn't everyone?
nancyrihakova -- *stares* play please
macdatty -- No Amy you can't not touch my dick during the movie tomorrow... gawd woman
gimpie -- get video
jayfo-- I am truly sorry about that rectal itching, you should have that checked out
dweezil-- doode I married one.. I know
ackies-- worried you think it's an oscar meyer
nefri-- I'm restraining myself because you make me think of really really diry things ;-)
jenniferdunn-- it's a thing that makes holes.. duh.. ;-)
weswilson-- *points at you* stop it!! much too soon... learn from my mistakes and slow it down
adameros-- make me
zippyd-- sparklegirl
lucky_groom-- ummm it started cuz someone I was boinking told me to get one... it just kinda developed over time, why it got so popular, god only knows... first one was adrienned
twentyfive -- well coooooome on down.. we got lots of it here for you ;-)
ehme (question2) - grab you, throw you over my knee and beat the shit out of your ass for making me wait this long to see you
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