Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

The Fuck List Revisited

OK so last time I did this I gotta a bunch of "why didn't I know about this?" and "who wants to bang me" and of course the ever popular "no one wants to fuck me" emails so we're going to try this again BUT this time we'll do it differently....

If you want your chances of being listed to increase this time link to this post in your journal and tell your friends list about it and get them to participate, if you don't and you come whining to me about not being on it, I will mock you... and if you didn't read this part and whine, I will mock you publicly and then flog you with superstar_pigs baby arm... errr wait scrap that last part, I can hear the stampede of women already ;-) So in the immortal words of andysoft the hungarian, "Get on weet eeet already you fucking beeeeetch....."

Poll #292309 Fuck List Revisited

OK give it up, which LJ(ers) do you wanna do?

If the person asks who it is that wants them can I tell them your name?

Hook me up with the object(s) of my lust

Anything else you gotta say to me that you don't want no one else to see.. this be dat place

Bonus Question: Who do I REALLY need to bother to play strip lj that hasn't already?

PS-> Results will be posted THIS Friday
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