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What I did this weekend by RobOnt

I keep getting comments from people that I should write about real life a little more cuz they like that, sooooo .....

So we went to the drive in to see Troy this weekend, more on that later but while we were there I was reading the paper and came across an interesting little piece about a dvd Disney is releasing tomorrow called Victory Through Air Power. Basically it's a series of propaganda films that Disney did for the US and Canadian governments during WW2 to help sway public opinion. If that is interesting enough (and what I have to commend Disney for), apparently these things are VERY racist and Disney has actually decided to leave them as they were, intact with racism and all.

Now I'm not commending Disney for the message of racism, but it is interesting in this day and age that that particular company would chose to release that kind of video and essentially say, we did it, we're not proud of it, but it is a part of our history. I'll buy it just to see if it's as bad as the article says it is...

Stopped working on the home theater for a while because there was just too much going on, but started back up again yesterday. Long weekend this coming weekend here in Canada and Jen has to work Monday so I think I'll spend that day really concentrating on getting some of the duct work moved and beginning to frame if i can. Also found the receiver I'm going with, for the geeks it's here, thx ultra 2, 9 channels, comes with a mic so it can self calibrate. thing is a flashing screaming orgasm encased in a metal box... (k that might be a tad much but you get the point ;-) ).

So went to see Troy and the Olsen twins movie at the drive in.. yes yes yes the Olson Twins, Skin and Bones. It was called New York Minute but it should have been called Toronto passing as New York Minute.. Dear lord jesus, if your gonna call the movie New York Minute, PLEASE at least film it there and NO Blue Screening them in front of landmarks doesn't count.... ugh.. Anyway Troy, liked that a lot better. I actually thought it was a good movie, ya it's all full of holes and stuff but it was an entertaining movie that I would watch again... Here's a picture from it:

Brad Pitt as Achilles

OK you didn't REALLY think I was gonna behave through the whole post did you?? krets sent me that Friday just before I split (thanks bro!) for you ladies....

And before you guys have an opportunity to whine.. no I don't have nudity .. when I do I'll post it...
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