Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

poor nex

true_nexus: there we go
spaimy: hi
robwatchus: burp
true_nexus: I'm here to clear the air on this whole gay thing
spaimy: 3SOME...
true_nexus: I don't smoke cock
robwatchus: nex likes sperm
true_nexus: I don't suck the big knob
true_nexus: I don't wax other guy's dolphins
robwatchus: no you kinda slobber on them actually
spaimy: italian sausage
true_nexus: etc.
true_nexus: etc.
true_nexus: etc.
true_nexus: oh jeeez
spaimy: ACTUALLY
robwatchus: you should work on your technique
spaimy: he likes german sausage
robwatchus: reeeeeeeeeeeally?
spaimy: yes
spaimy: he PAID for a german sausage even
robwatchus: and how did you discover this?
true_nexus: oh man
true_nexus: it was for lunch
spaimy: he told me
true_nexus: like.. I had it for lunch one day this week
spaimy: it was a girlie talk
true_nexus: cut it out Amy
true_nexus: or I'll get you
spaimy: LMAO
true_nexus: you guys are killing my chances at scoring with any babes man..
robwatchus: oi... you got learn her name first... Aimee is this one.. AMY is the other girlfriend in toronto
spaimy: its EHME
robwatchus: it's robs second wife
robwatchus: aimee
true_nexus: errgh
true_nexus: I'm confused
robwatchus: give it up
true_nexus: and I don't mean SEXUALLY
spaimy: give what up?
robwatchus: it
spaimy: i did
spaimy: a long time ago
spaimy: to a boy named Scott
robwatchus: no not that
robwatchus: the good news
true_nexus: what good news?
true_nexus: you have good news?
true_nexus: why am I always the last to know
true_nexus: GET OUT
robwatchus: yep... from yesterday
spaimy: perhaps nex already knows
robwatchus: boy you two are exciting
robwatchus: *goes back to sleep*
true_nexus: what
true_nexus: come on..
true_nexus: I don't know squat here
true_nexus: tell me
robwatchus: tell you what?
spaimy: there IS no good news
true_nexus: whatever the good news was
spaimy: GEEEEZ
true_nexus: oh
robwatchus: she's keeping it from everybody
true_nexus: you mean that thing agani
spaimy: rob is just being gay
spaimy: but not REALLY gay like you
spaimy: just fake gay
true_nexus: All I know is YOU get to see her before going to Montreal
spaimy: for conversation sake
true_nexus: I"M NOT GAY
true_nexus: oh my god
robwatchus: I dunno if I'm going to montreal.. probably not actually.. everyone is bailing
true_nexus: sheesh
robwatchus: ya she's staying at my house
robwatchus: I'm gonna bang her silly
true_nexus: awwwwwwww
spaimy: ever see the movie Brain Candy?
true_nexus: nope
spaimy: watch it
robwatchus: yep.. seen it
spaimy: kids in the hall
true_nexus: and the reason to watch it would be...
spaimy: YER GAY
true_nexus: meh.. kids in the hall suck
spaimy: I KNOW IT
spaimy: YOU KNOW IT
true_nexus: get out
spaimy: hahaha
true_nexus: talk to the hand
robwatchus: how gay is that?
robwatchus: talk to the hand?
true_nexus: ugh
robwatchus: *fudge packer*
true_nexus: suddenly gets frustrated
robwatchus: *colon cowboy*
true_nexus: GET out!!
true_nexus: weasel
true_nexus: shouts loudly
robwatchus: *boner biter*
true_nexus: grrrr
robwatchus: ball baster
robwatchus: dong dingler
true_nexus: hmm
true_nexus: ugh
spaimy: he is a hot gay guy though
spaimy: they all are
spaimy: bastards
true_nexus: I'm not gay
true_nexus: and I'm not hot
true_nexus: I'm lukewarm at best
true_nexus: but not gay
robwatchus: like queer eye for the toronto guy hot?
true_nexus: oh jeez
spaimy: YES
robwatchus: doode that bald head is hot
true_nexus: I'm going to go get some moisturizer
spaimy: with nice abs
robwatchus: it's perfect for the money shot
spaimy: YUM
spaimy: BUT GAY
true_nexus: STOP
robwatchus: in the name of love
robwatchus: before you break his balls
true_nexus: I hate you man
robwatchus: of course you do
spaimy: Rob i guess you will have to take my pics
spaimy: you will aprreciate them more
spaimy: than a gay guy
robwatchus: hahahahaha
true_nexus: Hey.. I thought I was going to take your PICS
true_nexus: awww man!!!
true_nexus: this totally bites
spaimy: my stomach hurts from laughing!!!
true_nexus: fine fine..
true_nexus: I'll be the local LJ Whipping boy
true_nexus: abuse me as you see fit
true_nexus: sheesh
spaimy: bend over
robwatchus: well your into that hole submissive scene aren't u?
spaimy: Rob has something to sho you
robwatchus: *grabs aimees cock*
robwatchus: ya I got something for u
spaimy: hey be gentle
robwatchus: oops sorry
true_nexus: ugh
robwatchus: hey man.. we luv you even tho your a pillow biter
spaimy: nex doesn't know i have a weiner
robwatchus: he will
true_nexus: don't scare me man
spaimy: no i will tuck it away
true_nexus: oh mannnnnnnnnn
robwatchus: so nex do you like the whole anal thing?
spaimy: still wanna take my pics?
true_nexus: you guys are scaring me now man
robwatchus: hah
robwatchus: we haven't even started
true_nexus: each of you.. separately I can handle.. the two of ya together is like.. too much
spaimy: somebody save this convo!!!
true_nexus: NO!
spaimy: YES
true_nexus: NO!
robwatchus: wait till we're together irl
robwatchus: THEN your in trouble
true_nexus: jeez
spaimy: we will go grab a bite of german sausage and chat
true_nexus: enough with the sausage comments thank you very muchly
robwatchus: ever seen a rotisierre nex? same thing for you.. except it will be cock in your mouth and ass
spaimy: hey YOU are the one with the sausage fetish
true_nexus: Oh man
true_nexus: I HAVE no sausage fetish
robwatchus: you will
spaimy: OMG YES YOU DO
true_nexus: arag
true_nexus: grrrrrrrr
spaimy: FIRST it was Italian
spaimy: and THEN
spaimy: you had to decide between German and Polish
spaimy: HELLO???
spaimy: FETISH
true_nexus: jeez
robwatchus: *looks down at his kielbasa*
spaimy: put that thing away
true_nexus: <== shudders
robwatchus: sorry
robwatchus: bad rob
robwatchus: YMCA it's fun to be at the Y MMMMM CCCC AAAAAAA
robwatchus: young nex young nex
true_nexus: oh god
spaimy: lj needs to know of nex's coming out
spaimy: and we need to have a party
robwatchus: omg
robwatchus: that is a fabulous idea
robwatchus: a coming out party for nex
true_nexus: NO
spaimy: YES
robwatchus: we MUST do it
true_nexus: NO NO NO
true_nexus: I'm NOT Gay
true_nexus: not that there's anything wrong with it
robwatchus: ohh stop your queerer than a 3 dollar bill
true_nexus: ugh
true_nexus: yer killin me
spaimy: copy..paste
true_nexus: NO
true_nexus: NO NO NO NO NO NO
robwatchus: think of the fun we could have!!! dinner could be pogos.. you know.. sausage on a stick
spaimy: wait
spaimy: yer right
spaimy: pasting it in my lj is no fun
robwatchus: ohhh and party favors... the things you blow that explode
spaimy: ROB!
true_nexus: no
true_nexus: god no
true_nexus: not there
spaimy: uh oh
robwatchus: heh bet you say THAT alot
spaimy: )*(@#$&*(@#&$#()_*%&#)($@)($%*@#$
spaimy: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
robwatchus: hahahahaha
robwatchus: poor aims
spaimy: my stomach is gonna launch my sub in a minute lol
true_nexus: ugh
robwatchus: ohhh did you get the special sub sauce?
true_nexus: you guys having fun at my expense
robwatchus: yes.. since this conversation started 20 minutes ago
true_nexus: grrr
true_nexus: I've posted a disclaimer in my journal
true_nexus: just in case
robwatchus: ahahahahaha
spaimy: LMAO!!!
true_nexus: what?
spaimy: wanna go pick up some guys?
true_nexus: You are NOT talking to me
true_nexus: I know you're not
spaimy: what you don't wanna go out with me?
spaimy: FINE
spaimy: HOW RUDE
true_nexus: I didn't say that
robwatchus: nex has his hands full.. so to speak.. it's pride weekend
true_nexus: I said I don't wanna go pick up guys
true_nexus: Oh man
true_nexus: <=== shakes his head
true_nexus: I can't believe this
robwatchus: up and down
true_nexus: ugh
robwatchus: ohhh we loooooooove you sexy nexy
robwatchus: I'm just reading back this convo in my xjournal window... fascinating...
spaimy: now i want a sausage
spaimy: *burp*
true_nexus: nice
true_nexus: <== starts singing "She's a Lady" by Tom Jones
spaimy: Tom Jones sings in it
true_nexus: meh.. maybe I'll see it
spaimy: you don't have to be beeeeeauuuuuuuuuutiful...
true_nexus: but not on your recommendatino
true_nexus: because
true_nexus: you think I'm gay
true_nexus: sheesh
spaimy: awwwww
true_nexus: ya
true_nexus: Hope you're happy now
robwatchus: homosayswhat
true_nexus: my feelings are hurt
true_nexus: what?
true_nexus: oh..
true_nexus: JEEZUS
spaimy: its marriages or legal now
robwatchus: hehehehe
spaimy: you can be happy and live like everyone else
true_nexus: ya. ya.. don't try sucking up to me
spaimy: in a friend kinda way on the cheek of course
true_nexus: ugh
true_nexus: wouldn't wanna kiss you anyway
true_nexus: I'd sooner kiss Rob
true_nexus: wait
robwatchus: of course
true_nexus: NOOOOO
true_nexus: I didn't mean it like that
true_nexus: jeeeeeez
spaimy: (*&$(*@$&(@&#@$&#(*$&@)(#$@$
true_nexus: man.. I can't win today
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