Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

Cult of the Flying Dog

Yay!!! It's Election day in Can-a-duh!!! (or for my japanese friends, Erection Day). So let's look at my choices today..

The Conservative Party - OK who are we kidding, you can dump the entertaining freak Preston and change your name but we all know your stil the Reform Party.. Actually, we all don't it seems that ploy of yours worked.... hmmmm but I'm still on to you... sorry but no, we've seen this movie south of the border and I'll pass....

The Liberal Party - Now let's see.. when little rob was hatched the national debt was about 20 billion and now many years later it's about 540 billion... the effective tax rate in my bracket is about 63%. Our liberal premiere made a mockery of the process by breaking a number of processes and out and out lieing to us. When you were Finance Minister there was/is a huge scandal where our money dissappeared and yet you refuse to take responsiblity. Dear Mr. Martin, go fuck yourself, your party and the old conservatives have run this formerly great country into the ground. You and your party have failed us.

NDP - ahahahahahahahahahahaha do you think we've forgotten Bob Rae there Jacko??? Do you think the people of Toronto aren't marvelling at the royal ass fucking your man David Miller is giving to our Police Chief?? Ohh and the moustache.. good if your a 70s porno star, not so good if your running for PM... ohhhh and one other thing.. that wife of yours.. stick something in her mouth to shut her up she's annoying..

soooo let's see that leaves me with the Pot Party, The Green Party or spoil my ballot.... don't smoke pot.. green party are wackos but they do support a change to the system and decentralizing government.. hmmm maybe... spoiling my ballot isn't really a good idea...

I need to start my own party for next time around.. cult of the flying dog... that's what i'll call it.. now excuse me while I go start working on my platform.....
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