Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone


Dear anniesavoyAuntie Corrie, me and Lucy and Goldie and even Evil Devil Spawn Molly want to wish
you all the very very very best on your b-day and Molly told me to tell you she is going through Auntie Corrie withdrawl and needs to see you soon :)

Some replies from last nights poll :)

sensi -- So keeping you to that ;-)
ryestar -- Those guys are the fucking BEST....
popespydie -- Not in the least, she is an amazing woman actually
revhhkitty -- Well chop chop Kat... it's about that time again don't you think?
flirtini -- you wanna do it.. you KNOW you do
jennfromtx -- ya you and me both so that I can get a do over with you ;-)
hilts -- Ya even if I can't talk about it publicly I NEED to see that ;-)
silvergirrl -- miss you too hun.......
ginamoog -- Gina you're married !!! We most certainly can NOT !!!! ;-)
denizsarikaya -- ok that totally floored me in a good way :D
gucch -- wasn't that movie the fucking funniest?!?!?!
xandria -- Dearest Xan, thank you for causing me to beat my head against my desk ;-)
bitemebaby -- You have two, that would indicate that you are, so give it up ;-)
xelyn23 -- naw I wouldn't without you being totally ok with it.. anything else is not cool in my books
ghetto_booty --whatcha drinking?!?!?!!?
epiphany -- Carefull little Ms C. we both know that her and I are capable of VAST amounts of pornographic trouble if provoked ;-)
giggly_girl -- damn I need to get my ass down there to see you
bornofdivinity -- Should I bring the astroglide or you got some ?!?!
davidmn -- Man whore!!!!!!!!!
ohmyhead -- Oh I know it... just dunno if I wanna go to that level and stuff cuz then it becomes a whole different thing
mcbarnes1970 -- Not yet... tho I probably will
wurmwyd -- you and me both
nbbmom -- noy buying it... sorry
gingerdc9 -- dooode don't tell me that... you're one that I'm DIEING for
msfancypants -- prove it ;-)
andysoft -- that's not nice.. you're ooooout
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