Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

Round One

ginamoog -- death..... hands down. boring but that's it
gruggach -- I could for you... but that probably wouldn't be such a good idea ;-)
andysoft -- prove it..... make the women happy beeeetch
keefriffards -- Not this time, wasn't looking for it either tho....
rizzo -- I would LOVE to ;-)
chelle_liz -- fuck... that's a tough one... probably a guitar lesson from this guy that i think is the shit called Pete Lesperance.....
greyspot -- hmmmmmm depends if there's a party involved... they like those things... then you could get some
trickertreat -- So far I would have to say the boneyard (think it's 142) cuz I'm an old fart
kayleighb -- After you come to mind..... my brother will be there next week tho ;-)
allah_sulu -- I'm canajun.. I can't!
hilts -- it's not.. still on reduced hours so I've put the thing off until next year sadly :(
hazeleyedcutie -- In the butt... ohh wait... ummmm in a room full of friends without them knowing
mcbarnes1970 -- Nope not this time... it was tame actually
elysiangirl -- GREASE!!!
zero_madre -- Shaved no.....
gikiski -- I've done the three theatricals and I will do the three ee's as well :)
digitaldevil -- Same way everyone else does, get naked, put in, shake around a bit, pull it ou
indigojo -- Still do... other than where I'm going fucking bald
cortana -- You KNOW I have to answer my wife to that or get shot right??
sawguy -- cuz
pacalissanctum -- I think it's romantisized (if that's a word) vision of what things should be that is not very realistic
compwizrd -- Have patience grasshopper and she/he will come
lucky_groom -- nope... not at all... have to fix it one of these days
keightball -- Streched on her back, if that does not work, lieing down on her tummy......
trista -- Don't have any of those...anything I've ever wanted to try I already have :)
candle -- tough one... probably hearing
aliseana -- whenever you want.. you have an open invite
zorra -- this was ask a question lady not yell at Rob :P (and I will I'm still thinking about it actually, that's what prompted this)

Off to lunch.... back soon..keep asking :)
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