Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

ickyfinger --No and no, some stuff happened with the last batch and she decided it wasn't for her.
debby -- yes
smalltowngirlie -- how often do you masturbate?
todger -- Not a chance buddy.....
uzi978 -- Ummmm no
murphyslaw -- I ask... they give
jodilyn -- I'm not going this year so I guess I'll be a giant absent :(
gimpie -- food.... definately food
lucky_groom -- a community... not a clique
lostinspace2002 -- !@($)%$#&%$)+#_(%* I'm trying man... I'm REALLY fucking trying
mrgansle -- Well I have already... you guys.. I'm not sure yet.... (boy what a prick answer THAT was)
sensi-- Depends on your definition, 12 babes of christmas coming soon should pretty well have them all tho ;-)
dallylamma-- Guiness my friend
kiltboy-- I ask :)
polyranger-- Wow this only the third time this question got asked in ths batch, heh.. I ask they give
jennfromtx-- not a freaking thing, you are you.. that's why I like you...
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