Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

Call me slow but I'm finally watching Equilibrium, fuck it's a pretty good movie..... last of them

tigerlily -- You tell me ;-)
gucch -- you did and holy fuck I never thought I would hear that from you..... really fucking badly!!!
squidflakes -- Naw I don't post to the usenet. and why can't you comment?
aint2nuts --you have no idea
mojocatt -- You do and you clean it up
sunshine_two -- 6'4
snoopyh42 -- No it's the same shit different package
ladyfire -- you living closer to me... other than that not a god damn thing
silvergirrl -- ya we just need to confirm a date
littlesue1971 -- they are loyal and loving beyond belief
juliedmb24 -- Sure email me at
inspectorjury -- depends what "it" is
lakeguy -- 6 in use, probably 10-12 in total
obanion -- From the store yo ;-)
taybar19 -- What my favorite movie is
skumm01 -- I dunno... maybe I'll float something tomorrow, maybe a few of us get together for drinks on the long weekend or something
maybesomeone -- Tough to say..... really tough actually... I try not to compare things with each other but to find the beauty in each
tropicalpalms -- absolutely
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