Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

Stealing RisqueWritings idea.............

OK so I've been having a lot of fun with the phone thing cuz Vonage sends me my voice mails as mp3s but I also set one of my computers up so that I can record phone conversations as well.... I got the idea that it would be fun to talk to people and post the outcome, there's a few that scream at me right away, one of them being horsepucky... sooooooooo we're gonna give you guys a chance to get in on this as well..... anything goes, I will protect the guilty if you would rather she didn't know who asked (but really what's the fun in that?)... kinda like 60 Minutes, only perverted I would imagine... more like Sexty Minutes, or 69 minutes or something.... that being said.........

What question would you ask the super sexy RisqueWritings given the chance?

Can I tell her who asked?

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