Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

12 Babes of Xmas Nominations

Ya I know I know, it's early and all, but I'm starting NOW, so there :P

It's that time of year again folks (cuz I say so!), I'm going to start the nominations for the 12 Babes of Christmas!!! I want to give everyone ample time to get ready for it this year :) So basically here's what is going to happen, you nominate up to 5 lovely women for your choice as a babe of christmas, there will be an updated list of the nominations here. You will be able to see who has been nominated so far this year as well as the number of nominations they've received. The nomination process will close November 1st, depending on the number of entries we get there may or may not be an additional voting process. This is open to everyone (provided you don't have a penis ;-) We may do a boys version as well, that's yet to be determined. ), not just my friends list, so if you know someone that you think is hot and we would enjoy seeing, be all means nominate them!!! So that being said, get nominating!!!!!

* Edit October 22nd * I've shut down the nomination process for the contest.. there is now well over 600 ladies nominated which is MORE than enough fo 12 available spots. If your name is on the nomination lists you can still confirm you want to play. Thanks for everybodies nominations and check back November 1st for voting!
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