Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

Halloween Strip LJ

So I think tomorrow we should play Strip LJ cuz we haven't played it in like aaaaaaaages.... Of course we'll play the Halloween version with our masked Heroine... ummm right e at the end is the girl that saves us.. no e is the stuff that makes you look like courtney love... where was I? ohh right... getting a masked lady naked tomorrow!!!!!

yes yes this is our masked heroine for tomorrow.... BUT BUT BUT if you know her... just shut up, she doesn't want everybody knowing who it is... enjoy the game, let me enjoy the fact that she actually FINALLY sent me pix I've been wanting from her forever and don't go blowing our chances of getting some more from this really hot little number in the future....

Now a refresher for you all.... Strip LJ is simple, you guess how naked you think I can get this lovely young masked vixen, and then tomorrow starting at 9:00 est i'll start posting a pic every hour or so of her getting progressively less clothed.... see if you can guess whether or not I got her nekkid!!!

So how naked do you think I got our sexy masked heroine??

Doode she is a super hero.. they don't get naked...
OK maybe she is wearing some sexy wonderwoman like bra and panty number
We got to see her super nipples!! Able to cut glass in a single swipe!!
OK she's naked, but you can't see an super parts!
Nothing but mask baby.. nothing but mask

Anything you would like to say to our masked beauty?

See you in the morning children!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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