Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

K get the nurse jokes out of your system

Two things....

First, tomorrow being election day in the states and ummmmm health care is an isuue, i've decided tomorrow should be hot nurse day (how's that for a stretch?) in da journal, soooooooooo get all your nurse jokes out of the way now so we can admire some hot nekkid real nurse action tomorrow :)

Now I want to tell you a story.. it's a story about an italian chick with a big goofy dog that snores that thought she shouldn't enter some pervs naked girl contest cuz she had no chance of winning.. SOOOOO much so that she didn't even vote for herself but chose to vote for other people instead. As it turns out said girl with lots of heart and a goofy dog but no brains for not listening to rob ended up getting LOTS of votes from other people who agreed with Rob and said girl was currently in first place as a result...... the moral of the story is good deeds do not go un-noticed, believe in yourself and most importantly shut the fuck up and listen to rob cuz he knows what he's talking about ;-)

edit: THREE count em THREE new bunny in 30 second remakes here:
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