Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

hey there Gramps

OK a little bit early, but something I learned this week.... I am too fucking old to be standing for 5 hours at a concert... holy jesus where do I get a walker? Megadeth was REALLY good... apparently that is it for them though, last tour, no 20 year farwell tour or anything, guess we'll have to see..........

Looks like another player has entered the file sharing lawsuit game,MPAA starts suing movie downloaders. I never got into that personally, maybe it's the movie geek in me or something but I could not stand watching inferior quality movies (I'm talking like crappy sound/picture, the steaming formulaic piles of crap hollywood tries to pass as cinema I'll watch ;-) ). Anyway watch out for da man ;-)

Hmmmm lessee... what else... oh ya... remember the whole fornication friday thang? the thing noooooo one would play..... well someone has decided to girl, straight sex, hot lesbian sex all that good stuff. Friday will be VERY interesting...

We figured no one would be able to guess.... save monkey perhaps, but yesterdays lovely lady waaaaaas carefreespirit thank you for playing hun :)
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