Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

Monday Morning Maniacal Musings

Man Monday morning is dropping shit apples and I gotta try and not get any sauce on me.... whoa Mr Lahey reference on a Monday, MUST not be a good day.....

So we were shopping this weekend and we saw this in the health food isle (what we were doing there of all places escapes me, but I digress). Bowel Buddy, in our grocery store, no shit.... wait let me rephrase that... Can you believe some fucking marketting genius would actually call something you eat BOWEL BUDDY? What is next Balloon Knot Bubble Gum? Or perhaps Sticky Dicky Straws, perfect for slurping on when your looking for some tasty liquid treats. Bowel Buddy.. jeeeeeeeeezus

Went and saw Blade Trinity.... I loved the first one, thought the second was alright, this one... fuck... perhaps there best bet would have been to do a marketting campain with our friends at Bowel Buddy.... fresh steaming t-u-r-d of a movie. that's all I can use to describe it.

K I'm officially getting old, seriously though... I bought me one of them there fancy Wine Making Kits this weekend and I'm gonna attempt to make me some hooch... OK maybe hooch is not the best way to refer to it. The last couple of years I've been getting into the whole wine thing, and I thought it would be kinda fun to give it a try and see how it turns out. So I bought the whole kit thingy and I'm going to run out a lunch to the local wine making supply shop and see acquire an ingredient kit for making a batch of Chianti, or maybe Shiraz, still haven't made up my mind... exciting stuff, I know...

Return of the King day tomorrow, I have to try and not watch it till Saturday though, gonna have a few people to over to watch in revel in all that geeky goodness... btw Toronto kids that are coming, drop me a line this week at to figure out when and give you instructions on how to get up here...

speaking of movies, The Movie Box has the new Batman Begins trailer and Constantine trailers up, they are definately worth checking out, the buzz at the studio surrounding Batman is that it is gonna be really dark and really character and story driven, NOT a movie for kids. My brother has been peaking about the stuff he's been hearing about it, which is usually a good sign... but they still have lots of time to fuck it up, so guess we'll wait and see ;-) Constantine though.. holy fuck I wish February would hurry up.. trailers here:

Enuff yapping for me.... gotta get back to work and deal with those shit apples.... but I'll leave you with some more wisdon from Mr Lahey, "When you're being pelted by shit-balls, you gotta get a shit-bat". So true Mr Lahey, so true
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