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Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

Soooooo it came....

Sorry kids, been really really swamped at work.... haven't been around at all... just thought I would sneak in a quick update about what I've been waiting for :)

I guess for you guys that have been following this product you've probably heard all about how small it is... and they aren't kidding, it's hard to tell by the pix I think, but when you hold the thing you realize how amazing this thing is size wise... it is FREAKING tiny....

Just to give you an idea, here it sitting on top of my main pc, it's a mid tower case but I think you can really tell by comparing it to the size of the dvd burner..

Just a side shot to give you an idea on how tall it is(n't)

Lucy says "RAWR clean up the wires you fucking slob...."

OK so I made my boss buy me a mac at work that I've been using for about a year and a half now so I knew what I was in for... Got the box, plugged it into a logitech wireless keyboard/mouse combo, plugged into a crappy little 17" crt monitor and fired it up. Set up is absolutely painless, within 5 minutes it was set up and I was on the net downloading firefox (Mac uses safari, which turned me onto tabbed browsing initially, but for me firefox is the best thing going these days, on any platform).

I got the 1.42 G4, 512 RAM, 80 gig hard drive with the combo drive. Performance wise, it works decently, the only thing I really have to compare it to is my Emac which is a 1 ghz G4, I can't really tell if there is that much of a performance improvement. You can tell it is using a laptop hard drive though, the hard drive isn't quite as zippy, though from what I've heard the 40 gigs they are shipping are the 5400 rpm instead of the 4200 and are peppier... but it is still acceptable speed wise....

Software wise, it comes with osx the operating system and Ilife 05.... obviously I do a fair bit of video editing and media stuff, and this is where the mac REALLY shines... In terms of an entry level media suite, there is NOTHING on the pc that can hold a candle to Ilife, if you like to edit your family movies and throw them onto dvd and stuff, it is actually a joy to do it with that software.... I loaded up the usual culprits, Photoshop, Toast, Office 2004, etc.. and they work really well on it, no lag or anything like that...

K now the obvious comparison parts, in terms of a basic computer to surf, do media stuff, etc the mac is a really great choice.. because of the low user base viruses and spyware are virtually non existant... that being said I do a lot of software development work and for that, the PC is still a much better choice, the availability of tools and because my target plaform I will still use my pc for that stuff, and there are certain things pcs do better. Gaming is a bit of a joke on a mac, ya they have unreal tournament 2004, halo and are getting doom3, but the requirements are way above the minis capabilities so for the system you would need to run some of that stuff, you could build a killer pc and a half... so if you are going for gaming, the mac really isn't a good choice...

One wierd thing is they also didn't include a mic port on it, audio out only so I picked up a Imic, nifty little usb audio box, it sounds great as well but still, Apple should have stuck a mic in on the thing.... Would have been nice to use my Audigy NX but creative doesn't make drivers for osx and osx does not support 24 bit audio (another wierd thing for a company that built it's reputation on media editing).. which brings us to drivers...

Actually the driver thing I was worried about and shouldn't have been, I have a Lexmark X83 printer and a photosmart, both companies had osx drivers that work beautifully with the Mini... like I said earlier the keyboard and mouse worked well also... my digital camera and video camera work flawlessly with it as well... in terms of working with windows, so far so good, I can hook up to my 2003 server no problem, though I haven't figured out the printer sharing thing yet, but I haven't spent that much time on it either..

Ok this is getting too freaking long, I'm glad I bought it and I know I'm going to get a lot of use out of it, just because it really is a joy to work on and I guess the best testomonial came from Jen after she checked it out she said "well, guess we'll just have to buy one for me as well"... heh... geek girl ;-)

That being said, hopefully I'll get some porn soon and we can get back to the usual fun and games.... ohhh AND

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