Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

Babies, Bellies And Brayden

So yesterday I'm over at by neighbours house fixing their spyware ridden PC and having a discussion with Brayden.... who is Brayden you ask? Brayden is the offspring of Hottie Next Door Mom and Almost Too Well Mannered To The Point He Gets Uncomfortable With Rude Humor Dad (not to be confused with the couple on the other side of us Hottie French Chick Neighbour that can't hold her liquor and Just As Big A Pig as Rob Hottie (or some I'm told) French Boy Neighbour).. Where was I again? Oh right Brayden.... Brayden is four years old, and like most four year olds, Brayden can not a) sit still b) behave and c) shut up for more than 5 seconds at a time. Brayden is also very excited whenever he sees Rob or Jen because Brayden loooooooooves to talk to Rob and Jen, about anything, and everything for that matter... it started off with some Mexican Jumping Bean things that didn't jump he had, and then it was climbing on things to make sure Rob could here him, which was followed by a trip to the naughty stairs (cuz as we all know that's not asseptable), which was followed by more climbing and several more trips to the naughty stairs. WELL, now inbetween trips to the naughty stairs Brayden and I and Hottie Mom had a conversation about how excited Brayden is that Rob and Jen are gonna have a baby that Brayden could play with, and I'll transcribe it for you just so you can picture the way this conversation went....

Brayden: Rob can I come over and see the baby?
Hottie Mom: No Brayden, not yet the baby's not here yet, it's still in Jenny's tummy
Brayden: But is it's gonna come soon right?
Hottie Mom: You have to wait for Jenny's tummy to get big and then it will come
Brayden: So when Jenny's tummy is big like Rob's then the baby will come?

*insert rob laughing and Hottie Mom dieing noises in here*

ohhhh ya.. apparently I'm just about ready to pop.... honey get the breast pump ready when I come home tonight ;-)
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