Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

A Geek Moment

Just a little bit of a diversion cuz I saw a couple of things today that got me all geeked and into want want want mode ;-) More pix of the Mork from Orc Mobile ;-)

Ya it's called Oculas and it's basically an integrated entertainment unit that you can lock yourself into ;-) It has inegrated Mac/PC/PS2/Xbox and 5.1 surround plus the nice lcd display.... of course the price tag of 25k is equally nice but really... what would you rather have a nice car or a nice bubble.... something tells me Jen ain't gonna go for this one ;-)

And then this.... I've seen these before but they've come down in price and probably will continue that trend till we can see them in homes.... Let's say you wanna pair of shoes..... snag your handy dandy version of autocad, draw them bad boys up and press print, and presto:

Instant Shoes (well not instant, takes about an hour to "print" them)

I know what printer? I can do that now... nooooooo my children, this is a printer that builds your models out of polymers. Like an inkjet, it sprays layers until you get a fully rendered 3d version of your drawing, out of plastic or a metal composite, or plyable polymer.... how cool is that?

These things have come down to about 25k as well... definately not for the home, but for businesses that do a lot of prototyping they make a LOT of sense... They're also developing the technology further and working on versions that can produce electronic circuits so that eventually if you want a cell phone let's say, you would buy the plans and print it at home. Something really kewl anyway that will be really interesting to follow.....

/geek mode for now......
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