Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone


Well welll well... looks like 2 of the people on my friends lists are porn stars ;-) tassypink and halcyonpink made MSNBC and Newsweek... Can I get autographed pictures now while I still can??? ;-)

Ya know, I had an idea for doing a SW fan film but just never got around to doing it, probably cuz I'm lazy.. wait not probably... I am lazy, that's exactly why, weeeelllll as it turns out dlocke isn't lazy, and he came up with his own, Vader: The Wonder Years, worth checking out and supporting our fellow lj movie geeks... (plus vodkachaser makes an appearance as a teacher)

Only TWO calls yesterday!!!! I gotta come up with better ideas or something yo!
Someone doing something that's not very work friendly
Someone from California that likes to taunt me

And I think that's it... now I can go back to anxiously awaiting sunday night at 10:00pm (ps->yupjustme if you miss it this time management says your shit out of luck and I'll be emailing you, posting comments and leaving messages with all kinds of spoilers)
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