Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

s'up dawg

Holy fucking work batman.... this work shit is really cramping my lj reading agenda.......... quick update... I'm DIEING to see Sin City this weekend... Everything I've heard and read about it says that it's an absolutely incredible movie... gawd I hope their right.... speaking of movies, I bought one of those 400 disc changers last year, and this week.... bought one of these...

I think I need to slow down on the dvd shit, the 400 was filled up in December and I was counting the ones I had left over... 60 something of those so I picked up the 300 dvd changer.... ya... I might have a problem... step away from the best buy dvd section rob....

Some of you guys might remember that day in the life stuff people were doing a while back, always meant to do it but never quite got around to it, until last weekend that is, decided to do it a little differently though and videotaped it... got about 6 hours worth of tape, still editing it but should have that soon as well.... totally self-indulgent but kind of a fun process... fried my motherboard somehow in the process of working on it... but that's another story that leads back to more work...

I have noooooooooo idea who this is, but something tells me I wanna see more..... actually I NEED to

I actually think i know who this one is... and I think she should send us the rest of her as well ;-)

Got some pix for tomorrow, it will be a friends only luv day... of who you will just have to wait and see... Seacrest..... ooooooout
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