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Sir Links A Lot

Heh... time to get into trouble.... Remember my neighbours? No no no not the MILFY with the hot sister I got drunk on tequilla and taking her clothes off while we took pictures.. ohh wait... I never told that story.. another time... The other ones, that participated in said debauchery... Hot Frenchy Neighbour Girl and her foxy boyfriend ;-) they got lj's this weekend.... ahahahahahahaha it is officially OPEN SEASON on them.... Add them if you feel like it, but please please please welcome them in a special lj way... fisting pictures are good... when are you getting naked for Rob comments are better... whatever you feel appropriate, I leave it in your very capable hands ;-) froggychik and krazykarpet.

So I had some time this weekend to catch up on my LJ reading and happened across an entry by tassypink promoting some videos she’s done with halcyonpink. OK forget the fact that they’re both retardely hot and like to get naked, because really, who cares about that stuff *cough*, the shit is actually really entertaining and worth checking out! So um, like, Spread the Pink.

Got an e-mail this weekend from a girl on MySpace that is considering showing it all, though as all these things go it seems she isn’t sure people would be interested in seeing it.You know what’s coming already right? Well it seems if she can get a 1000 people on her friends list it’s beavage time. Do your duty. 

Ya know, there is no better way to start off a week than with some LJ nudity. This week from a young lady that is “horny and looking a man to help out with that”. Nice!!!! You know the drill...

Well now.. THAT is how you start a Monday off!!!!! Thank you VERY MUCH bexxford
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