Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

awwwww nuts

I was writing this post about nuts and I remembered I had to wish ginamoog a very very happy birthday first.... odd how those things come to your head like that huh?? ;-)

BeforeLook at this picture of a set of nice healthy (albeit blurry) nuts. Nothing really going on, the twins are just kinda hanging out with their buddy Big Jim, maybe soaking up some sun, letting some of that pesky sweat that irritates them so much dry up. You know, just hanging out doing their thang not bothering anyone. Now as our heroes are enjoying their wrinkled little scared of the cold water existence you KNOW there has to be a threat to their safety somewhere, I mean what kind of story would it be without one? Fret not dear friends because theses little fellas aren't gonna be happy for long. Noooooo, while they sit their telling Big Jimmy to move his clumsy head out of the way so that they can see too, SOMEONE is saying "That's it for kids, and no I'm not taking the pill AND you best not be thinking I'M going for the surgery"

After What happens next was kind of fun for the twins, they go to the doctor, someone plays with them a bit, which is always really nice cuz usually someone is off beating on Jimmy while we they're forced to bang back and forth. The forth part isn't so bad, but let me tell you, the back part is a bitch. I mean flying towards Grumpy Old Brown Eye at a million miles an hour is no treat, the fucking creep smells... where was I again? ohhh right, happy happy boys, and then all of a sudden *SNIP* Now look at them!!! All Frankentestie like..... poor boys.....

Lucky_Groom , thanks for the pix, and wish the little fellows well for me.... And Mrs. Lucky Groom.... remember to be EXTRA nice to them when they get all better... The poor boys have had a rough time.......
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