Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

OK so I lied.....

I said I wasn't going to talk about the Babes of Xmas thing until October but well things take on a life of their own and well I have to talk about it... As of this morning 2456 unique lj'ers nominated, 89 have accepted already.. sooooo I'm going to cut off the nominations thing at the end of september instead... with voting in october.. more info that applies when we get to that stage... NOW, the life of it's own thing, as you know I had no interest in running a male version of it because the babes takes up so much of my time. Well a lil lady by the name of shadesong decided to take it on and with some help from theferrett (who I have to thank for the plugs because it drew a lot of attention to the babes thing) they have created The 8 Hunks Of Hanukkah with (and I quote) robont style automated voting... which made me feel like GI Joe with the kung fu grip for some reason.... but ya check it out, there are a boat load of nominations there and you may be on the list already :)

ohhh before I forget (because it is that time of year again and sorry to the people that are sick of hearing this but I gotta do it every once in a while), livejournal has a 750 person limit on the friends list, so if you added robont I can't add you back, you will have to add robont2 or robont3 instead... sorry for that, but I tried to get it changed a while back to no avail... and before anyone says it, no a community is not the way to go because you can't filter in a community which I need to do occassionaly

now, to continue the life of it's own theme, I posted some pictures a while back of a smoking hot young lady that wanted to remain anonymous, so I refered to her as Sauna Girl, well she has created a livejournal with that name specifically for naughty pictures, so you may want to add saunagrl AND she was first to the table with some get to know you pix for the babes of xmas thing (and yes some more ladies have sent them so the draught is officially over ;-) )..

Do you want to see more of her? all you'll have to do is vote for saunagrl come October :)
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