Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

Get to know your 12 Babes Nominees - Ana

This lady is probably one of the most recognizable faces on the net, probably because ana was one of the pioneers of the whole webcam explosion.. And I do mean pioneer, if memory serves correctly it was Jennicam then Ana. You may have seen her cd's in your local record store (I have), you may have seen her on tv, or in the newspaper, hell she even has a Wikipedia Entry (how do I get one of those?!?!?!). Think whatever you want about Ana, without question she will go down as one of the people that defined net culture. And hell, she looks good naked, which is most important for this babes of xmas thing ;-)

Ana's Wikipedia Entry -
Ana's Music -
Ana's website that started it all -
and of course her lj -
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