Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

WORST LJ Friend Eva........

OK I suck as an lj friend.... sorry still not around... preoccupied with life and shit..... BUT

The Babes of Xmas starts on Thursday and I guess there's a bunch of new faces around as a result, so like, welcome eh, and take off....

For the new faces that have been hearing about this 12 Babes things, if you wanna catch up on the last 5 years you can do so here <-- there's naked women in there ;-)

Ohhhhh and don't add robont unless you don't care if you're added back or not, that ones at the limit, robont2 has a few spaces left and robont3 still has lots of room so add one of those....

so about the babes thing, a few people were asking how it's working. I'm starting off with the 12 Babes, counting down from (duh) 12 to 1... after that will be bonus babe time just for the fun of it, no contest, just having a good time.... I have a few people that were willing to play along with that and didn't take the whole not being in the top 12 thing seriously but I think I might have some space soooo if you wanna play, here's your chance

K must go back to getting stuff ready for that so hope you kids are alright :) if you're bored you can try to break the forum thing I'm working on as well.... , I got too much shit on the go... I should settle down huh?

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