Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

12 Babes of Xmas Bonus Babe - ariyanakylstram

Todays bonus babe of Xmas... man... I remember when I got this ladies profile pix for voting, I thought for SURE she will be making it in... There is noooooo way she could miss making the list... But I guess being the popularity contest that this whole thing can be at times ariyanakylstram didn't make it in the top 12.... soooooo when I got an email from her saying she would still love to play along needless to say I jumped all over it and when I got her pix I got a wee bit anxious to post them cuz I think they're really sexy... soooooo time to shut my yappy old self the fuck up and get to posting them thar pix......

If you want more check out her livejournal and her website, and Ari my dear, don't be a stranger around here :)
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