Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

futhermucker where does the time goooooooo?

Wow... almost forgot what LJ looks like... oops.... sorry kids been really caught up with the whole Podcasting thing and the site lately that lj seems to have taken a back seat to everything..... Plus figured you guys needed a break from "Ole One Trick Pony Wanna Get Nekkid On The Internet" Boy..... ;-)

Shit's good great at home... The lil one gave me a whole new perspective on that life thing, was a little bit unprepared for that but to say I'm enjoying the ride would be a great understatement... Just the thought of seeing what my little monster will learn today makes me look forward to waking up.... ugh sappy dad shit... enuff of that

I'll get back to amusing you with porn one of these days (get ready for the one trick pony routine, ready? it's coming) perhaps when some of you get nekkid and send me pictures (awww ya there it is) at ... btw for the photographer kids out there... the sites really been getting a lot of exposure lately, so if you wanna share pix and get your name out there, now is definately a good time to do it....

and for all of you.. hope things have been going well for you... I've been really caught up with well you read above... so i'm not sure what's going on with everyone but I hope it's all good shit.... I should probably spend some time and get caught up huh? with that in mind and the time of year it is here comes a cheezy why doesn't that cocksucker on Idol say this anymore more Ont Out..........
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