Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

whoa 2 whole weeks.....

OK say it with me, "must remember to update, must remember to update". Let's see....

Dear Father,

it's been two weeks since my last livejournal confession and this is what's happened:

Grandmother died (it's alright, she suffered for six years and it really was for the best)
We scrambled to keep Becca away from the proceedings (except for the wake) cuz two year olds and funerals... u know
We spent the limo rides from the funeral home to the church to the cemetery laughing really hard cuz we thought the priest was on drugs.. It really wasn't appropriate but some of the stuff he said was sooooo out there we couldn't help it.. He gave my father the crucifix from my grandmothers casket and said to keep it because it would keep him safe from "mischief" like bumping his head, tripping, tornadoes and tsunami's... and that was in all seriousness... I won't even get into building altars at home, serpents and crushed skulls, or stopping the rosary until someone brought him water.... *starts snickering again*
What else, ohhhh it took a whole month but my iMac arrived and I really am in awe and love with the thing..
Just found out Becca is going to be moving from her Toddler class to Preschool class in her daycare... *sniff* she's growing up too fast damn it!!!!
Three months and counting to the release date of the Official Baby Ont sequel, though I suspect the producer will bump up the release date like the first one was.
Ummmmmmm ohhhh Iron Maiden is doing a tour playing only stuff from Somewhere in Time and earlier AND they're using the Powerslave stage, that was the first real metal concert I got to see on my own with friends as a teenager and one of buddies snagged us tickets for the Toronto show... I'm really looking forward to the show... though I know when I get there I will look around and feel REAL FUCKING OLD... then again, I am... quick someone show me some titties and make me feel young ;-)

For these and all my other sins I am truly sorry, I ask for forgiveness from you Father Brad (even though you sold lj to 6part and now you work for google and are probably a gazillionaire), or something like that... Now give me my penance.
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