Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

Dooo dooo dooooooooo

Just reading AICN and stumble across this story that Morgan Spurlock may not only have found Osama Bin Laden but also interviewed him for his new documentary Where in the world is Osama? If that turns out to be true, how fucking great would that be? The Supersize Me guy found Osama when the rest of the "Intelligence World" couldn't? Sorry that story just got me excitied so I had to share...

What else, ohhh ya, have to say thank you to moejo, dawnmarie's parents were up for a visit a few weeks back and had mentioned they really wanted Dawn Marie's site back up and running, so I asked and he gladly turned the site over to me. Sadly he didn't have a backup of it and I only had a partial, soooo now the long arduous task of piecing together bits of what I had with bits of what the Internet Archive has begins. I think in the end we'll have most of it back, sans a few pictures... and the forums... but I have some other ideas I'll have to bounce off of them.

Other than that life is good.. Christmas is coming, and nobody has offered to get naked yet.... you guys need to get cracking on that ;-)
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