Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

Happy New Year.... Or Something...

Sooooooooooo Happy New Year to all you people I neglect in Livejournal land.... Still alive, still waiting for child number 2 to arrive, my bet is on the weekend of the 18th, but who knows with these things. CES is this week and Macworld is next week, which is heaven/hell for me... I looooooove the new toys but at the same time repeating over and over to myself "No Rob you don't NEED them the money would be better spent on your children" is like soul crushing... At least for a couple of minutes till something else shiny distracts me.

Other than that... writers strike sucks for television but it's giving me a chance to catch up on flicks that I've missed, my brother snagged me a whole bunch of HD flicks for xmas which really rocked... ohhh I probably never mentioned I finally got around to "finishing" (it'll never really be finished but at least it's working now) the home theater thing, 100" screen, Optoma HD projector and I built a crazy MCE setup with HD-DVD and Blu-Ray and using myMovies as a cataloging/serving system (btw if you're into that whole home theater thing, that software is free and I can't recommend it highly enough) for our old dvd's which are stored on a 3 terrabyte raided server setup. I won't blather on about it here, but I have to admit as much as I love going to theater to see movies, I think this is a much more enjoyable watching them and for once my wife actually agrees with me ;-)

ohhhh... must not forget.. I still do that fake internet radio show type thingy with lucky_groom and Dan and Jason and we're looking for a mouthy female that can keep us in line ;-) Paul's wife had to stop doing it cuz she got a respectable job soooooooooo we're putting that call out to anyone with boobs that interested and can do spare some time Mondays at 9pm eastern. Drop me a line if that's you....

And I think that's it... now I'll go back to waiting for Idol AND Big Brother to start up in a couple of weeks... *burp*
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