Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone


Soooooooooooo Jen when into labour last night... I took her to the hospital, they said NO! TOO SOON! They gave her lots of drugs to make it stop and it did.... I know that sounds like it was written by a retard but that's because I'm running on soooooo little sleep the last couple of days that I am clinically retarded. I shit you not... The last week has been filled with the flu, children with the flu.. more diapers filled with peanut butter soup than I ever want to see again (and that's just mine, don't ask about Becky's), dumb people at work and then last night's "adventure". I was hoping that when they gave Jen morphine I would get some too, but no... I know I don't have to deal with the whole bowling ball out the woo haa thing but doesn't cranky flu ass no sleep syndrome deserve a little morphine?!?!!? Doesn't it?!?!?! ugh

in other news can somebody please find me a fucking wii in toronto?!?!?! please.. I want *grunt grunt fart*
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