Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

Memories from a social media old timer....

oldtimer1I’ve been having some fun firing up the old blogs, taking a look at shit I wrote what seems a lifetime ago and it’s funny how time away from those blogs and the mindset I had while writing them makes it seem like it was written by a completely different person. It’s also kind of fun/sad to think that started like 16 years ago, partly because you realize talking about it you’re going to sound like a nostalgic old coot to today’s social media addicts…. But screw them… I’m old… I get that luxury… We built the social media craze, well before Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/etc.. Back in the days when we had to use punch cards to…. oh wait.. too far back.. When I started it, you wrote everything yourself in html, then I got my LiveJournal invite code and that changed everything. It is easy to romanticize those times because everything was so new and undefined, you were basically anonymous, you could say what you wanted to without worrying about friends/family/employers/governments/everyone frigging else analyzing your every word/action and making your life hell for doing so. Then there was the nudity, everybody wanted to play that naughty game back then because while the risk was there, you could more often than not get away with it. I guess that was a big part of the fun, we were defining the rules as we went along.

Today of course is such a different time, social media is sooooo monitored and pervasive, you can’t have the fun you used to. People just aren’t as open. I feel the old curmudgeon speech coming on so I won’t go down that path. I know there’s no way to capture the excitement, freedom or obsessiveness of the old days, that time has passed. I miss it sometimes though, just getting those thoughts/feelings out so that’s why I’m back here at the old places, because they are old and “irrelevant” to the new generation and will largely go unnoticed. Maybe they can be a safe/fun place to play again with like minded grumpy old farts… I guess time will tell… If not.. I’ll be exploring the new virtual worlds on the Oculus Rift… but we’ll leave that discussion for another day 😉

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