Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone


OK so last week I got bored and as I tend to do when I'm bored I started shopping... and somehow (miracle of all miracles) it would appear that I bought myself a fancy shmancy new kodak 5.2 megapixel camera.. don't ask me how it happened... like I told my wife I must have slipped and pressed the wrong button or something BUT I've been watching it's progress and it's due to arrive tomorrow!!!!!

now today being a different day I checked on Apples website as I'm prone to do from time to time and they got new 30 " LCD MONITORS!!! Of course they are $4700 and then you need the $4200 Dual G5 to go with it... whoa.. 9gs for a computer?!!?!?!?!? I don't think that would be covered under the "oops I slipped" category... at least not without an "oops I slipped" boot in my ass from my wife... hmmmmmmm maybe Aimee will buy me one......
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