Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

Party On Wayne.....

yo s'up?? haven't been around lj much at all the last week or so... so if I missed something lemme know... just thought I'd check in and stuff yo... boy that yo sure is annoying eh yo???

Anyway lesseeee.... on the geek front after having my beaaauutiful grand wega since like last november we FINALLY got high def... well sort of.. the cable company says it's not available but there it is on mah cable box, so I phoned them and told them, I can see all the high def channels, I'll pay for them just don't take them away cuz like DAMN... and the lovely young lady on the other end said "sorry sir you can not pay for them because they are not available to you, so enjoy them". *shakes head* but holy shit what a difference...

Had to bail on Montreal on the long weekend, sux, but somecanuckchick forgives me so we'll do it another time.... which leaves me with what to do on da long weekend?? There's a rennfest down the road from us *points* ya, that's it right there, Jen says we should go and check it out.... anyone been to one of those things?? what did you think?

And then the Drive In is doing they're 3 movie thing and I noticed The Village is playing so maybe we'll do that.. You around that weekend Auntie Corrie???

Which leaves me with the ljvegasbash... seems more and more people keep buying tickets to go every day... totally digging that... it's gonna be a FABULOUS time... oi.. speaking of fabulous.. wanna see one of my roommates??

ya I luv me some sassylass too.... I know, I know.. sux to be me... So like ya... love can be seen as the answer, but nobody bleeds for the dancer and stuff.. whatever that means..........
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