Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

Part Deux

horsepucky -- I dunno if you guys have it down there, but we have this stuff up here called Breyers All natural. The vanilla one has pieces of vanilla bean in it and it is to-fucking-die-for
elnerdoricardo -- May for a mini bash yo!
alcestis -- Your room is ready my dear :)
epiphany -- If all works out October 2005
ginabuny -- Christoper Reeves cuz that vegetable is rich yo!
zonk -- Legs
ladyhawke -- innie
coral -- I'm not what you think.. but you'll figure that out sooner or later ;-)
topazgrrl -- my stupid cpap machine
carefreespirit -- Do you swallow?
brandelion -- Not getting into it
christowang -- That I haven't had? zorra
sb186 -- Naw, we're very open with each other and she knows where she stands and is kewl with it
operatic -- For me it was entirely about getting Opie and Anthony, that was the reason I got it
zorra -- I'm a good boy.... and don't worry, it's cumming coming.
grubber -- Linus, cuz he's a geek.... Lucy cuz she's a stuck up twat ;-)
fyreangel -- none.. I figured you would chicken out ;-)
popespydie -- It's actually being debated now.. I write financial analysis software.
ehme --Kuaii.. again... it's the most amazing place on earth and some place we both want to go back to badly
elsnaibs -- Can you?? I'm expecting it for fuck sakes!
greenstratguy -- OMG I have no idea... hundreds at the very least
angeloftheabyss -- Wierd, I guess to some people there is this polish food that is a pickle wrapped in meat that I dig that some think is gross
ambersmystique -- My eyes... sounds faggy but they change colour.. it's kinda cool
zippyd -- hahaha ya it is, and yes she is, she is a very kewl lady :)
txgirlie -- like you even gotta ask.....
peter50 --hahaha.. no.. the mouse was in no shape for that ;-)
msfancypants - Your butt... most definately
serpah-- About $130
vodkachaser -- Great fucking question... ummmm probably the matrix cuz that is one of those best on a big screen movies
just_trina -- Ummm Sunday
hisbeauty -- Ya know I'll probably just clean them out and let my wife carve them out.. I suck at that stuff ;-)
chasing_amber -- Kosher... I'm definately a salty old fuck ;-)
wolfieboy -- my wife telling me to get my lazy ass out of bed
roslyn -- That you will have to find out for yourself...
cutiepie74 -- I think that depends entirely on well we hit it off :)
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