Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone


So I stayed up till a stupid hour of the night last night to watch the funniest freaking cooking show I've seen since Iron Chef... Food Network Canada airs this show called Ramseys Kitchen Nightmares about a guy that goes in to fix restaurants that are failing... it's just really funny cuz they are usually staffed by a bunch of near retards and they air the show uncensored so pretty well every 10 seconds you can expect a hearty "fucking bullocks" (ya it's british). This is what I do Sunday nights, I know... sooooooo exciting.....

Wanna know what else I did this weekend that was soooooooooo exciting I could squirt?? Went to a Gourmet Food and Wine expo with Jen.... how fucking wild and caaa raaaa zeeee is that? Honestly it was really good though... tried a lot of great food... spent too much on wine... what can I say?

O&A read my what I learned this morning.... small things amuse me...

Ohhh toronto kids.... thinking of doing movie night for the ROTK EE on the 18th of December at Casa Da Ont... limited space so lemme know if you're interested...

2 days till Babes... get the lube ready
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