Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

Welcome 2005

So just cleaning up some of the logs on the server and stuff and figured I check out how the babes of xmas did....

Total Hits 4,249,878
Total Page Views 2,918,161
Total Visitors 165,186
Total Unique IPs 96,973
Total Bandwidth 197.57 GB

Ya I'm guessing it was a success..... fucking 200 gig in bandwidth... dayumn

Soooooo, lessee, now that THAT is over what to do.. what to do.... Ohhhh, you didn't think the nudity would end with babes did ya?? I have a few pix sent to me during the babes thing that I couldn't post, and I'll get to them starting tomorrow.... ohhhh and I think I'll have to start bottling the wine soon so I'm sure you'll hear more about that... and and and.... *burp*, ya.. whatever... next thought....

I was thinking that since there are 18.36 billion* new faces on my friends list I take a little poll (as opposed to taking a little pole, I'm not gay like Nex you know, not there is anything wrong with a little cawk in the bottom from time to time, but I digress) and see who we should really try and get nekkid this year (and you can bet I will publish the names of the people most wanna see nekkid, but not who voted for them so don't worry about that).. and maybe play a little of that ask me anything game.... jesus... talk about scatter brained... ya know... maybe my new years resoution should be to focus a little more **hears catherines voice in his head saying "focus, fooocus"**

Give it up, who do you want to see nekkid?

Anything else you gots to say or wanna ask me?

* Approximate figure, margin of error +/- 100%
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