Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

Round One

I will probably post the most wanted nekkid list tomorrow but here are some of the

mattg -- k well screw you too :p
cortana -- Why thank you :)
unclebill35 -- noooo thank YOU
speakerwiggin -- Assington
underkyman -- Sorry but right now no.... I've shut it off to new people... I may change that in the not so distant future but for the time being "the path is shut"
menime -- ya... I would LOVE to... she is f.i.n.e
abraxus -- There is none :)
craving -- Purple
tropicalpalms -- Not my thing... I am more of a vehicle than a participant :)
lucky_groom -- noooooo, you da man!
revhhkitty -- don't thank me.... I think you're gorgeous and would jump at posting pix of you any time :)
miss__jamie -- I will ask her again... BUT everytime I see your name I think "please please please I need more of you" ;-)
jr0124 -- SteveC does... I spoke to Little Jimmy a couple of weeks ago because he was checking out some of the girls, I dunno about the other 2 tho
polyranger -- My pleasure :)
thalen -- Yeah, don't worry, I won't
wolfieboy -- The pic was originally from a cutest baby contest, when I saw it it made me think that that's the exact face a guy makes when he gets his prostate checked so I stole it and screwed with it a little
airelav -- Glad I could be of service :)
curbside_yogini -- FINE.. be that way :p
robont -- doode, it's your own poll, shut the fuck up
crazy_talk23 -- happy new year to you two sweetie :)
serpah -- Kate Beckinsale.... fo sho
topknot -- My pleasure :)
horsepucky -- Hey Babe eh :)
giggly_girl -- I was gonna use them this week, but I'll hold off if you want :)
squidflakes -- HAIR!
moraxian -- Good freaking luck.... won't happen in the near future, she has some problems with a certain person she needs to get resolved
chelle_liz -- Ya know... food always sounds sexy, but in reality it almost never is.. it always ends up looking gross or something... I'd love to get some, but steer clear of the food.. just my imho
ryestar -- hahaha... doode we gotta get together one of these days :)
razzberee -- yes please.... LONG overdue and MUCHLY needed :)
grubber -- wanna double team her?
_mas_ -- I will try on the first one... the second I think is unimpressed with me cuz her pic got plastered everywhere on the net after the fleshbot thing....
chrishaas -- Mah Pleasure mah son :)
blackpaladin -- Ummm... ask them
marc50 -- Cuz we purged all the people that didn't participate in the forums.. too many people, it started freaking some of the girls out
flirtini -- January.... ;-)
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