Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone


valiskeogh -- what goods?
macdatty -- whenever you want honey.. you know you always have an open invite :)
debby -- YOU show me the tatas :p
bunyip -- Thanx bro.. you too !!!
boiledpeanut -- Glad you're enjoying it !!!!
dallylamma -- just tie a cinder block to it and let it dangle.. that'll help
debgirl001 -- We're too old and boring for you crazy kids ;-)
peter50 -- If I could Kauaii.... that's the nicest place I've seen so far
bobservations -- I ask, I post... that's about it ;-)
ambersmystique -- Um, right back at you mah foxy little thang :)
vodkachaser -- heh.. we'll see what I can do... and not yet.. haven't had time to work on it
crazy23 -- doode seriously... you for sure.. catherine too.. umm, kayleighb, a couple of others too :)
poonariffic -- ya me 2.. hopefully we can see each other soon
holly_toadstool -- anytime you feel inspired I would LOVE to have more of that... you are way talented my dear
ladyfire -- ya no... think of me as Hef... my role in all of this is to publish it
duke_arion -- themes are hard to do because you kinda gotta go with what you have access too :(
zippyd -- I'm leaning towards the weekend before memorial day
razzberee -- no no no.. who's YOUR daddy?
jayfo -- never even seen it
narrowminded -- so should I say something to her?
ravenskiss -- go for it.. video is good too... I can distort that
kingdomjames -- suuuure. I luv new faces :)
polyranger -- my pleasure.. that is the very reason I do it :)
alchemi -- Not a chance

brenda_in_sepia -- I'll let catherine do it for me

twisteddaydream -- Thanks, glad you like it :)
one_true_nate -- :)
dizzylizzylove -- thank you :)
keightball -- *hoping really hard you do*
dancin_sister_t -- I ask :)
easilydistractd -- Cuz no one here knows you... think you need to do a sampling for us you hottie !!!!

As with the previous entry there will be more, multiples taken out (for the most part) and there may be spelling errors.. sue me ;-)

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