Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

Morning Ramblings

shelby2185 -- I try ;-)
honky_kong --shiny buttons
slamdango -- naw... every time I turn the fucking thing on the dogs go insane, so it sits on my monitor
cloaked_ranger -- Lesse, 2 laptops, I have 2 XP machines, the Linux Box, Jens machine and the server so 7 running
perpetualmotion -- ya I knew I liked you for a reason.... man... that one would be a novel in itself... she is WAY hot.... with her the immeadiate visual I get is something in an office tower at night, working late at night... the whole glass wall thing and then getting vioated every which way possible on her desk or something....
liedonlyonce -- ohh god, I have no idea, a LOT... in the hundreds
wirehead -- you're very welcome
yesfan5 -- So far, so good, so what ;-)
pinkjules -- :)
devila -- I dunno... you'll have to taste for yourself ;-)

the_lucky_nun, bohemianpsyche, bmused,damp_silk, dizzylizzylove, aliseana, voicesinherhead, alachicky,lynspin, welfy, ladyortyger, loca_weda, n1blueye, xenia, shadowviolet, pixytrick

Soooooo it would appear Nicole Richie has shown up on myspace. For the lunatics out there that like helping out, if any of you are so inclined now would be a good time to start leaving her messages about how she needs to come in play with us in my journal, the more messages, the better... ;-)

**Edit God Damnit... they must have killed the link already... !@)(%*&!@*%
**Edit #2 - They didn't, myspace is having problems this morning, try it again later :)

Back soon with some friends only nudity :D
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