Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone

Friday Morning Randomness

Sorry I haven't been updating... been tied up with work and bastage DOS attacks on the site and farging lousy corksucker image harversters.... and enuff technobabble.... I've still got some LJ porn to get to, hopefully next week but I kinda wanted to get to this stuff first cuz it seems a lot of celebrities seem to be suffering from cases of nippleslipititus lately... and I just had to share...

OK first one... no nudity but my much better looking long lost sister horsepucky demands that I share these pix soooooo

When I look at her I sometimes think she is a bit of a butterface (for the uninitiated as in everythings good butterface, say it, you'll get it).. but that ass... man oh man that ass....

Next Spidermans girlfriend...... ya knooooow... I dunno even know what to say about these.....

ohh who am I kidding I know EXACTLY what to say... Jesus fucking Christ Claudia... eat a fucking sandwich or something.. you make starvin marvin look like Star Jones for christs sake..

I was watching Bride of Chucky a couple of months back and I couldn't help but think how nice it would be to give Jennifer Tilly the WHOLE 4" inches .. man she looked good... and then I saw these....

doode... fuck... those nipples are fucking scarring me... and look at her... in that picture... she looks like something out of Biker Whore Monthly or something... *shudders*

And the last pic... what would a nip slip thing be without a britney picture?

sigh... they make her up and she looks all just totally spunk worthy and THEN you see pix like this... I'd love to make a trailer park joke but it's just so over done... but damn.. they are sooooo true... goes to prove that make up can go a looooong fucking way huh?

K last part of this special make fun of the celebrities edition.... Denise Richards.... I know some of you think she's hot.. but she did this little lingerie strip show video thing.... honest to god she has the dancing abilities of Corky...

Denise Richards Retarded Strip Tease aka the Salt Peter Mambo
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