Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone


So like yaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... Bo in the bottom 3... are people fucking crazy??!?!?!?!?! ohhhh speaking of hippies... happy bday monkey!!!! Hope you get lots of Mac goodness... or at least a floppy drive ;-)

Went for the ultrasound that could determine baby ont's sex the other day... it wasn't conclusive but the tech was leaning towards one more than the other.... which means I have be prepared to have this conversation. (Boys you really need to watch the WHOLE thing... you will be scared for life).

Geek Moment - Playing with the computer set up at home, to make some of the video stuff easier to work with... discovery of the day a few days ago was that gigabit ether, with cat 6 cable is a godsend... I had some video on my local drive and for a test I rendered to the server rather than locally... the performance increase was totally unbelievable... I've been playing around with it more and found that letting the server handle the actual file operations instead of the workstation makes a lot of difference.... I know I've lost a lot of you with that paragraph, but I'm a geek and shit like that makes mah little geeky head spin in joy....

Some boobies for you to make up for the geek moment!

K this was sent in anonymously... but i'm almost postive I know who this is... and she swore up that she wouldn't get nekkid... please let me be right ;-)

and I know who this is... fo shnizzle yo.. she always helps out during the droughts ;-)

I have one more but I'm supposed to post that friends only... perhaps later, if you're good :)
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