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That time of year.......

Back to the usual stuff this afternoon....

Meagan's Story

Little Meagan was a couple weeks from her 5th birthday when she drew a special
picture for Mother's Day. Giving it to her mother she explained how the two
people in the picture were mommy and daddy and the object above their heads
was she, a little angel who would always be with them. It had been five months
since her diagnosis of brain stem glioma, a cancerous brain tumour whose
effects were terminal.

In the months she lived with cancer she was held by her mother's warm embrace
each and every night. In the days, she managed to live life to its fullest, as
naturally as a child with her disease could. She went to pre-school when she was
well enough, she played happily with friends when she was strong enough and
she cuddled every little living creature she could.

Meagan passed away quietly on June 17, 2001 with her family at her side. Never
once did she complain about her treatments, rather she focused her time making
and wrapping little presents to give to medical staff and friends. These gestures
were her five-year old way of saying thank you for their love and caring, and
perhaps even goodbye.

-Meagan's Mom Denise Bebenek

Where to start.... where to start.... I found out about Meagan through my sister who is Meagan's Aunt through marriage. Jen and I participated in last years 5km walk to show our support for the family and are going to do the same again this year (joined by the ever awesome Auntie Corrie or as some of you may know her cisforcorrie and our crazy frenchie neighbours ;-)). It was a tough experience last year, not physically, but seeing soooo many families there with their kids pictures around their necks, supporting the cause because they know first hand how horrible disease it is. I guess this year maybe even that much tougher with a little girl on the way..... man I can't even begin to fathom how horrible it must be....

Ok. so Meagan's Walk is a 5km walk to benefit research for kids with brain tumors at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. This years walk takes place on Sunday May 8th 2005. If you have the time come down and participate in this really great cause or if you have a few extra bucks you can sponsor me in this walk, if not that's kewl too, just trying to do my part. Rob's Donation Page

For information you can go to

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