Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone (robont) wrote,
Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone


Just wanted to say thanks for the condolences and shtuff.... Sad but it all went as well as one of those things can be expected to go... soooo back to reality and all the fun stuff that comes with it ;-)

Had a run in with a "celebrity" today.... most of you won't know who he is but for me it was a big deal and turned me into a star struck lil bitch.... was walking out of the gas station store thingy after paying (a fucking dollar thirty four a liter but I digress) and wasn't watching where I was going as usual and totally slammed into someone else who wasn't watching where he was going, looked down and it was Mr Lahey from TPB... I know most of you are going who? but I swear if he asked I would have blew him that's how excited I was.......he was in his tp supervisor uniform and Randy was out waiting in the hummer they were driving (with his shirt on mind you)... I was sooooooooo fucking pissed at myself for taking the camera out of the car last night... faq... but anyhoooo enuff lil fan boy stories

If any of you kids are interested in the tom sizemore shit, lucky_groom sent them over to me earlier this week, they're on the site, but it's a big download, be forewarned.....

Other than that got a few pictures that I need to post, I'll get around to that next week, but if any of you ladies wanna help out and send some more it would be appreciated..... you know the drill, anonymous submit on my user profile or email at

hoo hoo hoo.. tell em fred
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