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King Rob Of Roboslovakia

Purveyor of filth, smut and the word cock

Call Me Don, Don Whoreleone
4 December
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I see naked people.......

Welcome to the home of Strip LJ, 12 Babes of Christmas, Guess the boobs and a million other deviant lj games :) This journal is more of a community than a personal journal these days. There is a lot of interaction and a shitload of fun. Go ahead add me, ya know you want to... If you want to participate in strip LJ email me at robont@gmail.com and I will hook ya up :)

Want to send me nudes but want to remain anonymous?

Anything you send through this will be treated as Anonymous for posting purposes

I do track IP's but only use them in case someone is doing something REALLY naughty and illegal!

Click Here To Go To My Anonymous Submit Page

P.S-> If your looking for naked people most of those posts are friends only, add me and I'll add you back and BAM.. instant naked lj'ers ;-)

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Email me at robont at gmail.com

Since November 29th 2004